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2017-2018 Indiana Rules and Policies

Download (PDF, 367KB)

Summary of 2018 State Entry Procedures

Download (PDF, 352KB)

2017-2018 Indiana Workshops

Download (PDF, 500KB)

State Administrative Committee 2017-2019

With the elections now complete, the State Administrative Committee positions have all been filled. The following people will serve on the Indiana State Administrative Committee for a two year term.
Level 2/3 North – Misty Evans
Level 2/3 South – Kelly Day
Level 4/5 – Kim Dykes
Level 6/7 – Di Laudenschlager
Level 8/9/10 – Joan DeVeau
Xcel – Chelsea Emerson
Communications – Bob Neat
Education- Carie Minshall
NAWGJ – Rebecca Wissmiller

Contact information for the entire committee will be updated shortly.

A sincere thank you to the following people for their countless volunteer hours and unwavering support for Indiana gymnastics. Thank you for your input, feedback and support!
Byron Holden
Cindy Gregg
Judy Kemp
Stephanie Kemp
Jana Lyons
Dave Marus

2017-2018 Indiana Calendar

Download (PDF, 155KB)

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