Region 5 Committee Meeting

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Region 5 Committee Meeting

July 10, 2012; 10:03 a.m. – 4:40 p.m.

Indianapolis, IN




The meeting was called to order by Regional Administrative Committee Chairman, Bobbi Montanari, at 10:03 A.M. 




Bobbi Montanari, Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC)

Char Christensen, Regional Technical Committee Chairman (RTCC)

Norbert Bendixen, Illinois Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC: IL)

Linda Barclay, Indiana Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC: IN)

Vicki Smith, Kentucky Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC: KY)

Jim Comiskey, Michigan Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC-MI)

Nina Dent,OhioAdministrative Committee Chairman (SACC: OH)

Augusta Lipsey, Regional Secretary and Hall of Fame Coordinator


John Geddert, Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chairman (RJOCC)


Norbert Bendixen’s contact information was updated.  His address is 426 Midway, Mundelein, IL  60060, his phone number is 847-334-7768, and his fax number is 847-949-6241.



Bobbi welcomed the Committee to Indianapolis and thanked them for a good year.  Bobbi stated the protocol for communication during the meeting.



Bobbi reminded Committee Members that all communication during the meeting is to be kept confidential.  The USA Gymnastics Policy Confidentiality Forms, Ethical Obligations of USA Gymnastics Employees, Officers, Directors and Committee Members, and Conflict of Interest Questionnaire were distributed for each member’s signature.



Deadlines for the distribution of the minutes were set.  Following approval, the minutes will be posted on the Regional website and distributed to the Professional Membership via e-mail and newsletters.



The General Account has a balance of $124,679.94.  The Apparel Fund has a balance of $28,535,31.



Illinois  (Norbert Bendixen)

  1. The number of gymnasts competing remained consistent during the 2011-2012 competitive season. 
  2. A profit was made at each state meet.
  3. The Region 5 Level 8 meet was well run and made a profit. 
  4. Norbert and Kim Bendixen received the life time achievement award from the Illinois Administrative Committee.
  5. Some recruiting of athletes is occurring within the state.


Kentucky (Vicki Smith)

  1. Two state meets were hosted with over 300 gymnasts each.
  2. Effort is being made to increase and encourage educational opportunities for the professional membership.
  3. The State Chairman is trying to visit many of the gyms around the state to gather their input and let them know their opinions are valuable regardless of the size of the gym.


Michigan (Jim Comiskey)

  1. The Xcel program has grown dramatically and has saved some gyms. 
  2. Michigan will no longer have sectional qualifiers during the 2012-2013 competitive season.  To qualify into a Level 5 state meet a gymnast must compete in all four events at a Michigan invitational.
  3. The Michigan Administrative Committee and the MI-NAWGJ have a joint meeting to discuss concerns affecting the state. 
  4. This year was strong for the state of Michigan considering Jordyn, John, and Kathryn’s success.  The Champions’ Banquet will be held on July 18th.  There will be close to 600 people in attendance this year.  State all-around champions, Regional champions, National competitors, NIT gymnasts and TOP’s gymnasts are invited.  Graduating seniors are also recognized.  Coach of the Year, Contributor of the Year, and the Lifetime Achievement Award are presented at the banquet.
  5. State Clinics have been well attended.
  6. 2012 is the first year that the Level 7-10 state meets were held together.  There were 580 gymnasts competing in the three day meet.
  7. The Fun State Meet had 640 gymnasts.
  8. Michigan did well at Regionals and Nationals.
  9. Michigan is fairly unified, but there are still some comments about recruiting.


Indiana (Linda Barclay)

  1. Everyone is beginning to work together and get along.
  2. A lot of training camps are being offered.
  3. Some recruiting is happening in the state of Indiana.
  4. An Indiana Hall of Fame was started in 2012.
  5. Indiana offered a state congress that was free to professional members.
  6. Indiana is working on a statistics program to track all of their athletes.  If it works, Linda will bring the program to the Regional Administrative Committee.

Ohio (Nina Dent)

  1. Ohio is continuing to work to have the State Administrative Committee and OH-NAWGJ work together.
  2. 560 people attended the Ohio State Banquet.
  3. Nina tries to remind people how grateful she is for the people that are involved in the success of the state.
  4. Nina is working to get everyone thinking the same philosophy – Team Ohio.



Protocol for website and e-mail:  Sender-to-Bobbi-to-Kristin. 


Bobbi asked if a Regional Rules and Policies were needed.  The committee determined that it would be helpful to have all Level 8-10 regional information in one place on the website.  The information should be available with three or fewer clicks of the mouse.  Work will continue to develop a rules and policies.


The next regional newsletter will be distributed in August.  Information for the newsletter should be sent to Bret Norman by July 27th.


State websites need to post the following items as they pertain to their state:

  • State specific Rules & Policies
  • Judges Selection Process
  • Minutes from all meetings


The Region 5 Administrative Committee should continue copying e-mails to Bobbi. 


IX. State Chairman Workshop

  1. Meetings should follow Robert’s Rules of Order.
  2. Concern was raised concerning the indemnification of the NAWGJ assigners.  If the assigner is an elected member of the state committee, they would be indemnified.  Appointed members of the Committee are not indemnified.  There have been problems with judges being assigned meets without having current USA Gymnastics membership.  Assigners do not have the ability to check USA Gymnastics numbers.  This is a responsibility of the Meet Directors.  NAWGJ State Judging Directors can ask their members to send the assigners a copy of their current USA Gymnastics and NAWGJ membership cards as another way to check that all judges are up-to-date with their memberships.
  3. Beginning for the 2012-2013 competitive season, a club must be a member club or registered business of USA Gymnastics to receive a sanction.



Char congratulated the Region for their success at the JO Championships and the Level 9 Eastern Nationals.  The Level 9’s were the overall winner, and the Level 10’s came in 2nd.  Congratulations were also extended to John and Kathryn Geddert for being named USA Gymnastics Elite Coaches of the Year and Jordyn Wieber for being named USA Gymnastics Elite Athlete of the Year.  Congratulations are offered to Jordyn Wieber for making the 2012 Olympic Team and to Anna Li for representing our region as an alternate to the 2012 Olympic Team.

  1. Professional Involvement Forms (PIF’s) will be on the websites and in newsletters by July 20, 2012.  Judges must complete and return the form electronically by September 15, 2012.  Professional Involvement Forms are to be used to assist in the selection of recommended judges for State and Regional assignments.  A judges tab will be added to the Regional website to help judges find all necessary forms.
  2. The Judges Recommendation deadline is October 15, 2012.  Each State Chairman must submit a rank order list of 12-14 judges to Char by the designated date.  Affiliation of each judge must also be documented.  There is a goal to have judges know their event assignments for Level 9 and 10 Regionals and have it available on the website by December 15, 2012.
  3. There were approximately 85 petitions for Level 8, 9, and 10 Regional Championships.  A huge thank you is extended to Hilary Carlson for her hard work on our petition process.
  4. The judge’s volunteer form for Regional Training Camps has been on the regional website since June 1, 2012.  In order to volunteer in a leadership role, judges need to complete this form electronically by August 1, 2012.  State Chairmen are asked to send a second reminder e-mail to judges in July.
  5. Please include John, Char, and Bobbi on all newsletters and with important web updates.
  6. Char thanked the states for sending hard copies of the Level 8, 9, and 10 state meet results to her at the end of the optional season.
  7. The criteria used to select judges for state meet assignments should be on the state websites or in newsletters by October 1, 2012.
  8. Please remember that all clinics sponsored by USA Gymnastics or NAWGJ must be registered with USA Gymnastics for CPE credits to be valid.  Judges must have their forms signed at the end of each session.  Judges are reminded that it is their responsibility to print their CPE forms from the USA Gymnastics website.
  9. Petition and inquiry forms should be included in each state handbook.
  10. USA Gymnastics members are reminded that Rules and Policies meet formats are the only ones that can be used.  If there is a violation of this or any sanction violation, it should be noted on the sanction form.
  11. The table below lists the percentage of athletes that qualified for their regional meet from their state meet.


Level 8

Level 9

Level 10






















  1. Coaches are reminded that a score of 9.0 is required at their State Meet for an event specialist to qualify to the Regional Championships.  Qualifying criteria into the state meets should be on the state websites by October 1, 2012.
  2. To be recommended to be assigned to a national meet, judges are reminded that they must judge at the Level 9/10 Regional Meet or have judged at a Level 9/10 State Meet and coached at the Level 9/10 Regional Championship in the recommended year.
  3. Sanction violations need to be put in the comment section of the sanction form by meet directors and meet referees.  Violations such as finishing past 10:00 pm, over the number of gymnasts allowed for the competitive format, etc. must be documented.  For the falsification of memberships and dates, there is a $500 fine for the first offense and $1000 fine for the second offense.  This was used during the 2011-2012 season.


XI .  REGIONAL JUNIOR OLYMPIC CHAIRMAN REPORT (Submitted Written Report from John Geddert)

  1. Overview of 2011-2012 Season

The 2012 Season was one of continued frustration.  It was the third consecutive year that Region 5 finished second in the overall team standings at the Level 10 Junior Olympic Nationals.  However, we once again won the team title at the Level 9 Eastern Championship Meet.  We will work on this by having Great Training Camps, cooperation, energy and instilling passion, and commitment to Region 5.  The camps need fine tuning with attention to basics.  The following issues will be addressed with the camp coordinators.


  1. Vaulting
    1. Speed development
    2. Round off mechanics
    3. board techniques
    4. rotational drills
    5. blocking drills
    6. uphill timers
    7. post flight twist mechanics
  2. Bars
    1. Kip casting excellence
    2. Swing efficiency and alignment
    3. Pirouetting
    4. Dismount amplitude
    5. Proper shapes
    6. Form and execution
  3. Beam
    1. Range of motion on leaps and jumps
    2. Landing technique
    3. Back handspring efficiency
    4. Turn excellence
  4. Tumbling
    1. Round off mechanics
    2. Back handspring speed and body tension
    3. Blocking and setting drills
    4. Up-hill tumbling timers
    5. Rotational drills
    6. Twisting and flipping mechanics
  5. Floor Dance
    1. Leap technique
    2. Increasing range of motion
    3. Turn proficiency
    4. Presentation artistry


  1. Junior Olympic Program Committee Report

Much of the meeting was devoted to the Xcel program.  The minutes from this meeting can be found on 

The new Junior Olympic Program, which will take affect August 1, 2013, outlines five compulsory levels and five optional levels.

        Levels 1-2: Developmental (but some regions may compete at these levels)

        Level 3:  Beginner Compulsory similar to the current Level 4

        Level 4:  Intermediate Compulsory similar to the current Level 5

        Level 5:  Advanced Compulsory similar to the current Level 6

        Levels 6-10:  Optional levels 


  1. Junior Olympic National Results
    1. National Qualifiers
      1. Twistars – 10
      2. IGI – 5
      3. Olympia – 4
      4. Legacy Elite – 4
      5. Phenom – 4
      6. United – 3
  2. National Medalists
    1. Twistars – 21
    2. Phenom – 5
    3. Legacy Elite – 5
    4. Olympia – 4
    5. IGI – 4
    6. Perfection – 4
  3. National Champions
    1. Twistars – Grace Williams (AA)
    2. Phenom – Keely Kmeciak (AA)
    3. Champion USA – Nicole Artz (FL)
  4. National Team Members
    1. Twistars – Grace Williams and Kamerin Moore
    2. Phenom – Keely Kmeciak
    3. All Star Team

The Region 5 All Star Team has been determined.  The proposed All Star Team trip will be October 19-23, 2012 in Panama.  We are organizing a workshop/training camp to help spread our knowledge and assist the development of gymnastics in that region of the world.  The 2012 All Star Team Members are:

  1. Grace Williams – Twistars USA – 38.775
  2. Kamerin Moore – Twistars USA – 38.488
  3. Amanda Wellick – Legacy Elite – 38.369
  4. Bailey Gardner – Twistars USA – 38.138
  5. Alyssa Shermataro – Olympia – 38.094
  6. Mary Jane Horth – Gym World – 38.075
  7. Anna Hill – Twistars USA – 38.038
  8. Nicole Artz – Champion USA – 37.938

Elite Spots – Senior National Team Members

  1.  Jordyn Wieber – Twistars USA
  2. Bridget Sloan – Sharps
  3. Anna Li – Legacy Elite

Elite Spots – Junior National Team Members

  1. Lexi Priessman – CGA
  2. Amelia Hundley – CGA

(All Elite gymnasts listed above are ineligible to travel with the All Star Team due to national team obligations.)

                                All Star Team Alternates

  1. Nia Dennis of Buckeye Gymnastics is the only elite eligible for travel at this time.  It is believed that she may be named to the national team this fall which would make her ineligible.

Junior Olympic All Star Team Alternates

  1. Melissa Zurawski – Balance Institute – 37.813
  2. Payton Richards – Phenom – 37.744
  3. Rachel Haines – Twistars USA – 37.713
  4. Tenielle Funches – 37.713

If gymnasts can be added based on site transportation arrangements and a pay-your-own-way scenario, they will be added in the following order.

  1. Jessica Peszek – Deveaus – 37.000
  2. Nicole Gendusa – IGI – 37.638
  3. Sydney McGlone – UGI – 37.594
  4. Marissa Oakley – Phenom – 37.581
  5. Jessica Ling – Oakland – 37.563
  6. Amanda Kowalski – Perfection – 37.563
  7. Eileen Malecki – IGI – 37.425
  8. Emma McClean – Stars and Stripes – 37.138


XII. XCEL PROGRAM (Jim Comiskey)

  1. No states rights.
  2. There are five levels with Diamond being equal to Level 9.
  3. The Bronze level will be a non-competitive in-house level.
  4. The age groups have changed.  The Bronze level can be any age.  To compete at the Silver level a gymnasts must be age 7, Gold level must be age 8, Platinum level must be age 9, and Diamond must be age 10.
  5. How the Xcel program is used is based on the individual philosophy of the gym.
  6. The air board can be used at the Bronze and Silver level, but the start values will be lower.
  7. Bonus will still be applied.
  8. The maximum times for beam and floor have not been determined.
  9. Region 5 and 6 are using the new rules with modifications during the 2012-2013 season.

(The Region 5 Administrative Committee decided to leave the regional Xcel competition as an invitational).


XIII. HALL OF FAME (Augusta Lipsey)

  1. The biographies of all nominees were sent to the Regional Administrative Committee prior to this meeting.  It was determined that a point system be used in which each Regional Administrative Committee voting member would list their choice for the top five nominees (Dr. Larry Nassar deferred his induction from 2011 to 2012, therefore, only five names were needed this year).  The top ranked nominee would receive five points; the second ranked nominee would receive four points, etc.  The points for the nominees were tallied by Nina Dent.  The five nominees receiving the greatest number of votes will be presented to the Region 5 Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  A conference call will be set up with the Selection Committee to determine the 2012 inductees into the Region 5 USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame.
  2. The Hall of Fame Guidelines were distributed with the updated election process.  This will be placed on the Region 5 website.

The motion was made to recommend to the Region 5 Hall of Fame Selection Committee to induct nominees that receive a minimum of 50% of the total possible points for induction.

                  Motion:                Nina Dent

                  2nd:                         Linda Barclay

                  Passed:                  Unanimous


  1. 2011-2012 Season Overview

USA Gymnastics does not require scores to be verified at the end of a meet.  This rule affected a gymnast at the Level 9/10 Regional Championships.  The problem was rectified, but verification of the scores should be done to eliminate human error.  Checking of the scores is part of the judges judging time. 

The motion was made to require score verification at all regional championships.

                                Motion:               Jim Comiskey

                                2nd:                         Norbert Bendixen

                                Passed:                                Unanimous


  1. The Level 8 State Meet hosts need to submit their state meet results in a timely fashion so that

                the state teams can be determined for the Level 8 Regional Championships.  The number of

members on the state teams will be discussed at the next Regional Administrative Committee


  1. Financial Reports

The financial reports were presented with the Level 8 Regional meet showing a profit of $569.00, and the Level 9/10 Regional meet showing a loss of $3675.00.

  1. Qualifying scores for the 2013 Regional Championships will remain the same.

                                                Level 8:                 34.00

                                                Level 9:                 34.00 (established by USA Gymnastics)

                                                Level 10:              34.00 (established by USA Gymnastics)

  1. Entry Fees

Entry fees for the 2013 Regional Championships will be discussed at the next Regional

Administrative Committee meeting.

  1. Judging Panels

The Judging Panels for the 2013 Regional Championships will remain the same.

                                                Level 8:                 2 judge panels

                                                Level 9:                 4 judge panels

                                                Level 10:              4 judge panels

  1. Administrative Fees

The administrative fees will remain $1.00 per gymnast at all sanctioned meets.



  • Level 9 & 10 Regionals: April 12-13, 2013
  • Level 8 Regionals:  April 19-21, 2013
  • Level 9 Easterns:  May 2-5, 2013; Battle Creek, Michigan – Host:  Branch Gymnastics
  • JO Nationals:  May 9-11, 2013; Minneapolis, Minnesota – Host:  Twin City Twisters
  • NIT:  May 12, 2013; Minneapolis, Minnesota – Host: Twin City Twisters
  • National Compulsory Workshop:  May 31-June 2, 2013; Lake Buena Vista, Florida (ESPN Wide World of Sports)
  • National Compulsory Workshop:  June 7-9, 2013; Reno, Nevada
  • National Congress:  August 14-17, 2013
  • Region 5 Congress:  September 13-15, 2013; Hilton Columbus Downtown, Ohio
  • Level 9 & 10 Regionals:  April 11-13, 2014
  • Level 8 Regionals:  April 25-27, 2014
  • Level 9 Easterns:  May 1-4, 2014; Bradenton, Florida – Host:  Tampa Bay Turners
  • JO Nationals:  May 8-10, 2014; Jackson, Mississippi – Host:  Meet Control & MS-USAG
  • NIT:  May 11, 2014; Jackson, Mississippi – Host:  Meet Control & MS-USAG
  • Region 5 Congress:  September 12-14, 2014; Hilton Columbus downtown, Ohio



  1. The Region 5 Congress is scheduled for September 13-16, 2012 at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, Indianapolis, IN (same site as last year).
  2. There will be designated shirts for the Administrative Committee to wear each day.  The Regional Committee is asked not to wear blue jeans, warm-up pants, or short shorts.
  3. Congress Responsibilities – Regional Administrative Committee and Volunteers
    1. The Regional Administrative Committee is asked to be visible and answer any questions the Congress attendees may have.  Please help to maintain a clean and organized environment.
    2. Hilary Carlson and Kathy Feldmann will be the public relations persons on site.
    3. The Directors of Information will be Norbert Bendixen and Vicki Smith.
    4. The main registration table will be manned by Rachel Brazo, Nina Dent, and Gordy Feldmann.
    5. The Region 5 Store will be manned by Augusta Lipsey, Claudia Kretschmer, Gordy Feldmann, and Linda Barclay’s volunteers.
    6. The hospitality room will be under the direction of Shirley Ashley.
    7. Jim Comiskey will be the audio trouble shooter.
    8. Kathy Feldmann will be the director of the vendors.
    9. Congress Responsibilities – Volunteers
      1. Linda Barclay is asked to involve volunteers from each state at the Regional Congress.
      2. Volunteers will have their congress registration waived if they work seven or eight sessions.
      3. One volunteer is needed per session to be the session coordinator.  Possible jobs include the following:  introduce the speaker, have water available for the speaker, check credentials of the audience, distribute the speaker’s handouts if applicable, and complete the feedback form.
      4. Auction
        1. Linda Barclay briefly discussed information on a casino party fundraiser rather than an auction.  She will look into it further.
        2. Banquet
          1. The Regional Administrative Committee is asked to promote and assist with preparation of the banquet.
          2. The Regional Administrative Committee and Kathy and Gordy Feldmann will assist with the set-up of the banquet.
          3. Nina Dent and Linda Barclay will collect tickets and money for the banquet.
          4. Bobbi Montanari will open and close the banquet.
          5. An invocation will be offered by Augusta Lipsey.
          6. John Geddert will be the Master of Ceremony with another person who is to be determined.
          7. The photographer and videographer will be Bret Norman and Kristin Moore.
          8. Jim Comiskey will be in charge of the lighting for the banquet.



A mission statement will be developed by Bobbi Montanari and sent to the Regional Administrative Committee for approval.  Following approval it will be placed on the regional website.


The focus of the 2013 Congress will be the new compulsories.


Clarification – As per the USA Gymnastics 2011-2012 Rules and Policies book, athletes whose petition has been approved but choose not to compete, will not be eligible for a refund unless the refund request was made 10 days or more from the date of the meet.  



  1. The next Regional Administrative Committee meeting will be September 16, 2012 at 1:00 pm following the Regional Congress.
  2. Agenda items include
    1. Overview of the Regional Congress
    2. Regional Meet Bids
    3. Judging Recommendations
    4. Regional Championship Entry Fees
    5. Level 8 State team composition
    6. Training Camps
    7. The 2013 summer Regional Administrative Committee meeting will be scheduled from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.



The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 PM



Respectfully Submitted 7/15/12

Augusta A. Lipsey

Region 5 Administrative Committee Secretary