2020 Xcel State Meet Information

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Competition Entry Information

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Hi Coaches,

Please find attached the session summary/competition schedule for the 2020 Indiana Xcel State Championships hosted by the Gymnastics Company the weekend of March 21-22, 2020. This competition is being held at the Finch Creek Fieldhouse in Noblesville, IN. Also attached are your team rosters to be checked and verified. If you have any changes, please let me know as soon as possible. The Meet Summary has how the age groups are split by DOB for each level. According to the Indiana R&P, meet fees are due/postmarked by the registration deadline which was Monday, March 2nd. If we have not yet received your meet fees or your entry is postmarked after 3/2 your entry is considered late and an additional $25 late fee per gymnast would apply.

HOST HOTELS – If you are in need of hotel arrangements a group of hotels have been set aside for these Xcel Championships. Click here for the link to the available hotels with room rates.

ADMISSION is $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for children ages 5-17, 4 & under are free.


All teams with a minimum of 3 athletes will be automatically entered into the overall and age group team competition and charged the $50 team entry fee per level. Teams may “Opt-Out” of the team competition by notifying the Meet Host in writing when the meet entry is submitted. If no opt-out notice is given in writing, teams will be responsible for the $50 team fee. If you are not entering team, let me know. Send checks payable to USA Sports Production to PO Box 29185, Indianapolis, IN 46229.

AWARDS – Individual Event and AA – Medals will be given for 33% of age group for events and 100% All-Around. Note: Ties for 1st or 2nd place will not be broken. Both gymnasts will receive the appropriate gold or silver medal.

Overall Team Awards – Top three (3) scores per team per event will be used to determine the team score. Fifty percent (50%) of team entries up to ten (10) places will be awarded for Overall Team per Level.

Age Group Team – Top three (3) scores per team per age group per event will be used to determine the age group team score. Fifty percent (50%) of team entries up to three (3) places will be awarded for Age Group Team per Overall Age Group – Child/Youth/Junior/Senior

If you have any questions, let me know.