Safe Sport Webinar

As part of our outreach for Child Abuse Prevention Month, the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Department recently conducted a webinar on “How to Talk About Child Sexual Abuse Prevention,” which is available in the webinar archive.  I have included a link to the webinar because it provides some of the guidance you and your professional members have requested for addressing safe sport issues.   I also encourage you to share with the professional members in your states and regions. And, as always, please contact Toby Stark, our director of safe sport, if you have any questions.  We appreciate your time and dedication to our athlete’s safety and well-being.



Springboard Alternatives and Table Height

Please find the attached approved AAI Stratum Spring diagram locations for both a 4 coil and 3 coil spring pattern set–up. These Stratum Spring pattern options can be used for USA Gymnastics women’s competitions.


J412 – Optional Beam Connections: To Give or Not to Give

Attention Women’s Artistic Coaches and Judges! Take a look at the NEW course J412- Optional Beam Connections: To Give or Not Give covering how to identify connected elements.

Visit the Complete USA Gymnastics University Course Catalog on the Education page for details on the course using this link:

Dance Technique

February 2011 revised version of the Dance Technique found in the Appendix of the JO Code is here.

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