2017-2018 Indiana Rules and Policies

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2017-2018 Indiana Workshops

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Springboard Alternatives and Table Height

Please find the attached approved AAI Stratum Spring diagram locations for both a 4 coil and 3 coil spring pattern set–up. These Stratum Spring pattern options can be used for USA Gymnastics women’s competitions.


J412 – Optional Beam Connections: To Give or Not to Give

Attention Women’s Artistic Coaches and Judges! Take a look at the NEW course J412- Optional Beam Connections: To Give or Not Give covering how to identify connected elements.

Visit the Complete USA Gymnastics University Course Catalog on the Education page for details on the course using this link:  https://usagym.org/pages/education/courses/J412/.

Dance Technique

February 2011 revised version of the Dance Technique found in the Appendix of the JO Code is here.

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